Chettinadu Court is a village style resort in Kanadukathan, declared as a heritage village by the Government of India. The resort is surrounded by huge mansions. Guest staying at Chettinadu Court or those who come for dining in the A la carte restaurant have access to most of the facilities of the famed sprawling Chettinad Mansion, just 5 minutes walk or a very short ride.

The resort is located equidistantly about 1 ½ hours drive from Tanjore, Madurai and Trichy. And about 3 kms from the Tanjore – Madurai highway as also the Trichy – Rameswaram highway. Chettinadu Court is also a favorite lunch stop with clean western typed rest room. Guest stay here and visit Pillayarpatti Temple, Kundrakudi Temple (both about 10 mins. Drive) and do a day trip to Rameshwaram (which is about 3 hours drive).